Organic Kombucha


Our Organic Kombucha is locally brewed in Singapore with organic tea leaves, sugar and fruits!

This potent ferment is recognized worldwide for its detoxifying energizing and overall health-supportive properties. Drink in the morning for a healthy energy boost. Drink in the afternoon instead of a coffee break. Drink in the evening as a cocktail with friends!

Served best cold, this can be consumed on a daily basis. 4-8 oz. a day is recommended for adults. 2-4 oz. a day for children, as a great way to get their probiotics!

Ingredients: Will differ on flavour.

Allergens: This product contains low levels of caffeine and alcohol due to the fermentation process. It may contain traces of other allergens.

*Our flavours rotate on a weekly basis! Your choice of flavour may be subject to availability - we will contact you about what's available once you place your order.