Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder


- Biodegradable plant-based 

- It have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which can cut through dirt and grease 

- Add 1 ½ heaped tsp. of this powder to the dishwasher and operate as usual. Includes a built-in rinse aid.

- Environmentally Responsible 

- Grey Water Safe 

Ingredients:Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), Pentasodium Triphosphate & Polyacrylic Acid (water
softeners), Sodium Metasilicate (mineral-based, anti-corrosive agent to protect the dishwasher), Sodium Percarbonate (sanitises and helps remove stains), Disodium Sulphate (mineral salt), Dodecanol-Ethoxylated & Propoxylated (rinse aid)

Allergens: This product may contain traces of allergens