Organic French Earl Grey Tea


This crowd pleaser puts a spin on the classic Earl Grey, with the provincial lavender flowers and beautiful rose petals. Our fragrant blend is high in protective antioxidants as well as being soothing and relaxing.

Add 1 tsp for each cup of freshly boiled hot water. Steep for 3mins. Don’t over
brew this tea as it may result in a bitter flavour. Serve with or without milk & natural

For a cold brew, steep 2–3 Tbsp of this tea in 1L of room temperature water. Allow to stand for at least 1hour, tasting regularly until the flavour is as desired.

Ingredients: Earl Grey Tea*, Rose Petals*, Lavender*. *Certified Organic

Allergens: This product contains Caffeine. May also contain traces of other allergens

In our effort to reduce waste, multiples of the same product will be combined into one pack unless otherwise requested. Please leave us a note at checkout if you wish for your items to be packed separately.