Recover Soaps - Detox Your Home Starter Kit


Take the first step to detox your home from nasty chemicals and plastics! 

This specially curated box makes it easy for you to make the swap and try out the different sustainable, plastic-free alternatives for your home.

Detox Your Home Starter Kit consists of:

  • 1 x 40g Soap Flakes (Sachet)
  • 1 x 150g Dishwashing Bar (Orange Scented)
  • 1 x Laundry Sheets (Pack of 10)
  • 1 x Multipurpose Cleaning sheets (Pack of 5)

About the products:

Soap Flakes - Designed to be used in foaming soap dispensers. Add 40g of soap flakes to 240ml of hot, filtered water in a bowl. Add your own essential oils, if desired. Stir to dissolve and pour into your dispenser, ready to use.

Dishwashing BarUse this to replace dishwashing liquid! Simply wet your sponge, brush or cloth and rub the dishwashing bar to create suds. Can also be used to take stains out from laundry, wipe down counters or clean your sinks.

Laundry SheetsToss 1 sheet into the wash to dissolve and say goodbye to detergent liquid! You can also use it to hand wash your clothes which makes them great to keep at home and on trips.

Multipurpose Cleaning SheetsSimply pop one sheet in a sprayer bottle, add 500ml of hot or cold water and shake for 2 minutes until fully dissolved. Designed to be used as a cleaning agent for the bathroom, kitchen, windows, floors!